Audiovisual production and co-production company

Our international team offers production services for commercial, film and television co-productions in Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland. The Slumber team consists of multilingual members with excellent project communication, efficiency and execution. Meanwhile, we also provide services for handling tax exemption and other preferential policies linked to audiovisual production.

Slumber Production Team

The Slumber Team includes talented film Directors and Directors of Photography based in Spain, who have been awarded in Film Festivals and Advertising Festivals. We offer post-production services for special effects, colour correction and audio post-production. Our experience in production will provide you with creative and technical support in all types of audiovisual projects.

Filming location

We find the filming locations, and request authorization and filming permits. On our website you will find several locations available to you, including Mediterranean Landscape, Lakes and Mountains, Majestic Historical Monuments and Avant-garde Architecture.

Slumber film

Founded in Barcelona in 2015, the Slumber team specializes in film, commercial and television production and co-production for multinational projects. We have professional film producers, directors, a shooting team and post-production staff. At the same time, we also hold an annual film festival for Chinese film in Spain, Lychee International Film Festival, with the objective of promoting cultural exchange between China and Europe.


Advertising production

Advertising production & coproduction, including location scoutingauthorization and permit requestscasting, filming equipment & staff, production logistic and post-production, etc. 

Film production

Audiovisual production of feature films, documentaries and music videos, etc.; Multinational co-production project development; IP project development

Cultural events

Organization of cultural events, including film festivals, photography exhibitions and art exihitions, etc. Our objetive is to promote cultural Exchange between China and Europe.

Our team

Our team

Estefania Bonnett Producer Anna Sala Production coordinator Li Boyan Producer  (France) Julia Frackowska Casting director Adrian Davant Location manager Bernat Granados Editor Lara Vilanova Colorist Arturo Quesada Sound director Qi Feng Production Assistant Ivry Brauman ProducerFranceSwitzerland) Lin Yu Director, Producer

Our customers

Lychee film festival

Contemporary Chinese cinema industry is blooming under waves and waves of cultural/market renovation, but the accessibility of well-made Chinese films is still limited worldwide, resulting in Western audience’s knowledge about Chinese cinema somehow remaining within the domain of Kung fu films or their curiosity for the “mysterious Oriental”. In this context, we come to realize the need for a dedicated communication platform and proper promotion.

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